Celebrating 40 years of Kirkwood Homes: A conversation with Fiona Grant, Financial Controller
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Celebrating 40 years of Kirkwood Homes: A conversation with Fiona Grant, Financial Controller

11th Jun, 2024

As Kirkwood Homes marks 40 years of designing and building luxury homes across Scotland, we’re reflecting on our remarkable journey so far by catching up with long-standing members of the team who have helped us in reaching this important milestone.

After a number of years working for her family business, Fiona Grant joined the Kirkwood Homes team in 2012 and works as a Financial Controller at our head office in Sauchen. We chatted with Fiona to find out how she has contributed to the success of the business, some important lessons she has learned over the years and what she loves most about her position at Kirkwood Homes…

Fiona Grant

What has kept you at Kirkwood after all this time?

“It has to be the team! Prior to starting at Kirkwood 12 years ago, I worked for my family’s construction business for just over 30 years, and when my brothers decided to retire, I searched for a new role that would utilise the knowledge and skills I had gained over the years. This led me to apply for a position at Kirkwood Homes. Luckily, I came in for my interview on a Friday, and started the following Monday!

“Although the company has expanded since I first joined, Kirkwood has retained the same ethos of a family-run business since it was founded 40 years ago. Everyone in the team is incredibly passionate about their roles and we all work very closely together; offering advice, support and an understanding of each other’s personal circumstances.”

What do you love most about the team?

“The majority of people who come to work for Kirkwood remain here for a considerable length of time, which shows a high degree of loyalty to the business. Kirkwood has a friendly and welcoming culture and the dedication of the team reflects so positively on Kirkwood’s overall values.”

Can you share a memorable moment from your time at Kirkwood Homes?

“There are so many to choose from, however I’m particularly proud of my involvement in setting up our new finance system which also enables contributions from other departments within the company, so we have in-depth and transparent reporting. Transferring to any new system can be challenging - and a little daunting, but we managed to have the processes in place for a seamless transition - all whilst in the middle of the pandemic!”

How do you feel you have contributed to the success of Kirkwood?

“I feel my dedication, coupled with a high work ethic, has contributed significantly to Kirkwood Homes. I recognise the importance of working hard, yet being flexible when I need to be, whether this is within or outside my regular working hours. I’ve retained these values throughout my time at the company and feel committed to doing what’s best for the business.”

What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career at Kirkwood Homes?

“Working at Kirkwood has shown me the importance of playing a key role in a successful team. The business as a whole has certainly supported me both professionally and personally since I started in 2012, and I’m more than happy to ‘give back’ to the company because of that."

“I feel a sense of loyalty to Kirkwood Homes and have a real sense of pride in being part of its team and overall success. Colin Crombie, our Managing Director, has been the driving force behind Kirkwood’s growth - and I feel particularly proud to play my part in the company’s success.”

Walking dog

What development has been your favourite during your time working at Kirkwood and why?

“Cowdray Meadows in Dunecht. In fact, I liked it so much, I bought a house there!"

“I remember looking at the original plans for the development and subsequently watching it come to life when I drove past - it always piqued my interest! A few years ago, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a ‘Craig’ housetype - one of our most popular homes - and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made!"

“Cowdray Meadows has really matured over the years - it’s an intimate development with a friendly, close-knit community where everyone looks out for each other, all the residents keep in touch on group chats and even hold an annual BBQ for all the neighbours to enjoy. The development also offers a feeling of safety, and boasts a lovely playpark that serves as a meeting point for kids as they’re coming out of school. There’s also lovely walking trails nearby which are ideal for cyclists or dog owners- so all in all, it’s a really wholesome development, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

What are the biggest challenges we face in the industry today? Do you think they will have changed in the next 40 years?

“Recruiting youngsters into the construction sector has proven to be a challenge; this is due to more regulations, a shortage in college spaces, the availability of lecturers and so on."

“Having said that, we’ve been extremely lucky to have 2 apprentices join the Kirkwood team in Aberdeenshire, both of whom have been brilliant. Hopefully things are starting to look up!”

Personally, what do you believe makes Kirkwood Homes different from its competitors?

“Quite simply, the quality of what we build. Colin Crombie asked me the same question at my interview 12 years ago, and my answer was the same then as it is now!”

Celebrating 40 years of bringing quality to life

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Celebrating 40 years of Kirkwood Homes: A conversation with Fiona Grant, Financial Controller