Celebrating 40 years of Kirkwood Homes: A conversation with Aaron Macaskill, Technical Director
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Celebrating 40 years of Kirkwood Homes: A conversation with Aaron Macaskill, Technical Director

11th Jun, 2024

As Kirkwood Homes turns 40, we're reminiscing with team members who have been part of our journey for many years, and in this article, we chat to Aaron Macaskill, our Technical Director.

Aaron has been part of the Kirkwood family for 15 years, playing a key role in shaping the homes we’re so proud of. He discusses what it's like to work here, shares some of his favourite memories, and gives us a glimpse into what makes Kirkwood Homes such an inspiring and rewarding workplace.

Aaron Macaskill

How did your journey with Kirkwood Homes begin?

“I joined the team as a placement student back in 2008, during my third year at RGU studying Architectural Technology, and two weeks after my graduation, I was offered the position of Trainee Architectural Technologist. I have progressed through multiple roles since then and was promoted to Technical Director in 2022.”

What has kept you at Kirkwood Homes for so long?

“For me, the personal development opportunities have been excellent. I’ve been afforded a lot of space to develop and hone my skills - and ultimately help expand the business. I’ve essentially grown with the company over the past 15 years."

“Trust is also a factor that makes Kirkwood such a rewarding place to work. There’s a huge amount of trust amongst all of our colleagues, no matter the level of seniority, this has created a positive, collaborative and productive culture that is enjoyable to be part of.”

What do you love most about your job?

“Although I lead the technical side of the business, I enjoy getting involved in other aspects too - such as sales and marketing, land purchasing and legalities. I’m not just pigeon-holed into one niche role. I really like this because it gives me a wider context that I can share with my team, to enhance the work we’re delivering, and it also makes the overall Kirkwood team much more agile as there's more cross-over across disciplines.”

Tell us about a memorable moment from your time at Kirkwood Homes…

“I always remember feeling very proud of our Ury Estate development in Stonehaven. People were queuing up at the marketing suite to reserve a plot, and I was taken aback by how busy it was, and how excited customers were - it was so rewarding to see customers loving the homes that our team had designed."

“Being able to see what you’ve designed come to life before your eyes is an incredible part of our jobs. Watching homes get reserved, families moving in, and people building lives in the properties we’ve designed and built makes you feel very proud.”

Technical Director

What do you believe has been integral to Kirkwood Homes’ success over the past 40 years?

“The shared goal of delivering a high quality product and adapting to market trends. All of our team appreciate that quality needs to run through every element of what we do as a business. Our homes are constantly evolving to acknowledge both customer feedback and market trends which allows us to be adaptive within the sector - and it's this continued attention, to even the smallest of details, that I believe has been key to our success.”

What have been the biggest challenges faced by the Kirkwood team, and do you think they’ll change over the next 40 years?

“Net zero targets have certainly posed challenges for the construction sector - however, the general locality of our developments and years of experience designing and building timber frame homes mean we are in a strong position currently and moving forward. A recent review of our homes energy performances showed that we were already exceeding targets set by the Scottish Government for new home energy usage. We’re in a strong position to adapt and evolve quickly, and I feel we’re already ahead of the game - from embracing new technologies and materials, to the huge expansion and investment in our timber frame factory next door; where we are leading the way in terms of modern methods of construction. This has been very exciting to be part of."

As we celebrate Kirkwood Homes’ 40th birthday, what legacy do you believe the company is leaving behind?

“I used to drive around the local area long before I worked at Kirkwood, and could easily identify a Kirkwood home. There’s something about the product that we deliver that has its own identity, and this is the legacy we’re leaving behind. The team has created something that stands out, and you can see this consistently across the portfolio of homes built over the past 40 years. The homes have of course evolved, but stayed true to the original vision and the focus on quality craftsmanship."

“I feel immense pride in being part of continuing this legacy, and being part of the Kirkwood story."

Celebrating 40 years of bringing quality to life

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Celebrating 40 years of Kirkwood Homes: A conversation with Aaron Macaskill, Technical Director