Showcase your new Kirkwood home this spring! Advice from local experts…
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Showcase your new Kirkwood home this spring! Advice from local experts…

3rd Apr, 2024

Warmer weather and brighter evenings traditionally mark the start of spring, the season of fresh starts and new beginnings - and historically when people prefer to move to a brand new home. With moods enhanced and energy levels boosted, spring provides the perfect time to get to know your community, embrace your outdoor space and enjoy your dream home before the summer arrives.

In this blog post, we caught up with a selection of local businesses in Aberdeen City and Shire, asking them to share their recommendations on how to make the most of your brand new home this season…

Ewan Philp, Director at Gillies

Why do you think spring is a great time to move home?

“Spring is one of the best times of the year for both moving home and home makeovers; because you’re dusting down from winter hibernation, and injecting some fresh spirit into your home to give it a new lease of life!”

What are your top tips on decorating a new home in the spring?

“At Gillies, we’re seeing a transition from the recent grey trends to more natural earthy hues, mixed with green and sage colours. Style palettes in our spring 2024 collection feature boucle fabrics, earth toned floors, oversized cushions, black picture frames and continuing a balance of easy-to-keep houseplants - such as ‘Bird of Paradise’ and the ‘Monstera’.

“Soft cover upholstery also continues to be the popular choice, with many families opting for chaise-end sofas and an accent chair for those quieter spots.”

Are there any upcoming trends to look out for this season?

“Moving through 2024, we’re seeing many customers at our Aberdeen and Broughty Ferry stores simplify their home décor, hiding away traditional countertop showpieces in favour of a more minimal look. A couple of photo frames, a complementary lamp and a coordinating art piece sitting proudly atop a statement sideboard allows for hidden storage to house multiple keepsakes and important pieces that we can never bring ourselves to throw out!

“We’re seeing sideboards - a traditional dining room item - feature regularly in living rooms and hallways, helping to ‘contain’ worldly possessions in a dedicated but unseen place. Homeowners are also taking this trend to their bedrooms, with lift-up ottoman beds becoming a staple for keeping items hidden out of sight, but easily accessible.

“Following a decline in recent years, we’re also seeing a big swing back to reinstating allocated ‘dining’ spaces in homes, as families look to spend more quality time eating together and sharing the days’ events, as well as hosting more frequent dinner parties with friends.”

Pamela Adamiec, Company Director at Highland Moss

How can plants transform a brand new home?

“Every house can be transformed into a home with the addition of a few plants, making them an ideal addition when you first move home. Plants possess not only air-purifying properties, but also aid in relaxation and mental clarity after a long day. As we often say at Highland Moss, plants make people happy - but this happiness is contingent upon the well-being of the plants themselves. It's crucial, therefore, to match your plants to your home's specific conditions.”

What are some of your top plant care tips for those with north-facing windows in their home?

“We would recommend low light plants such as ZZ plants, Maranta, Calathea, ferns, Snake Plants, or even Marimo Moss balls in a jar. Marimo Moss balls are little formations of green algae that enjoy cold tap water, and according to old lore, they bring love and happiness to the household. Not only do they thrive in low light, but also demand minimal care, making them ideal for such environments.”

How about west/east facing windows?

“You're spoiled for choice with beautiful plant options! Monstera Deliciosa, Begonia, Philodendron, Pothos, umbrella plants, lipstick plants, Syngonium or Pilea are all viable options. West/east facing rooms are also perfect for terrariums, which allow you to enjoy a miniature jungle without the need for maintenance and watering - ideal for busy individuals who want a beautiful botanical creation without a lot of care.”

Which plants are best suited for rooms that get a lot of sunlight?

“Rooms facing the south which are bathed in sunlight are ideal for succulents and cacti, as well as leafy plants like Monsteras, Hoyas, and Philodendrons - just remember to keep them a little bit away from the window on sunnier days.

“For bright rooms, you might also consider carnivorous plants. These types of plants sit in water and thrive in sunny spots, while also helping manage annoying flies in your home during the spring and summer months.”

Laura Hargreaves, Sales, Marketing and Office Manager at Hudson’s Catering

How would you advise planning a spring dinner party in your brand new home?

“For those who have recently settled into a new home, this season of new beginnings presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate fresh starts and create memories with loved ones - and what better way to mark the occasion than with a dinner party?

“First things first, set a date and get your invites out in plenty of time - we recommend always giving a date for your guests to RSVP by in order to make your planning as easy as possible.

“Then, consider the theme; do you want to host a relaxed buffet style dinner or a luxurious fine dining experience? Either way, having a chef cook up a storm in your kitchen is a great way to impress your guests and enjoy hosting in your new home without the stress.

“A relaxed tapas style or one pot meal works well if you'd like to take on the hard work by yourself, and gives you time to enjoy the evening too! A canape or grazing station is also a great idea for a starter, and allows your guests to mingle while enjoying a drink.”

What would you recommend serving your guests?

“If you’ve decided to enjoy your evening to the fullest and leave the cooking to caterers, choosing a menu with seasonal, fresh produce is definitely something worth discussing in advance. A delicious lamb dish with seasonal greens and fresh new potatoes is a fantastic spring/summer dish - and can be followed up with a delicious rhubarb pavlova or crumble! If you are the designated chef, then your local butcher and greengrocer will also be more than happy to advise on serving suggestions at this time of year.”

“Perhaps the most important of all - the drinks! Consider having the classics on hand, such as red, white, rosé, fizz - or you could even start with a cocktail, as there are lots of pre-made options which are delicious and easy to make. Non alcoholic options are rising in popularity too, with mocktails and Nosecco’s allowing the non-drinkers to feel included when raising a toast alongside the fancy tipples!”

Do you have any advice to ensure a successful evening?

“Deciding on the music for the evening beforehand is another helpful tip. We recommend starting with something relaxing and transitioning into a more upbeat playlist throughout the night. Depending on your guests, a seating plan may also make the night run more smoothly and to ensure conversation is flowing.

“Finally, prepping as much as you can in advance is always helpful to avoid running around at the last minute - being organised is key to hosting a relaxing event and enjoying your brand new home with loved ones!

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Showcase your new Kirkwood home this spring! Advice from local experts…