Meet our Senior Site Manager, Iain Williams
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Meet our Senior Site Manager, Iain Williams

11th Oct, 2021

The unrivalled quality of a Kirkwood home could not be achieved without the hardworking and passionate team behind the brand - a dedicated workforce who implement the highest standards throughout the process from design and construction right through to handover.

We recently caught up with Iain Williams, who has been our Senior Site Manager at Ury Estate in Stonehaven for several years, and has recently been selected to manage an exciting and prestigious new development coming soon to Drumoig, near St. Andrews. We chatted to him to find out how he instills exceptional quality throughout his work, what he loves most about his job and what makes Kirkwood a superior homebuilder…

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What are you striving to achieve in your role at Kirkwood?

“As with all our Site Managers, the main objective within the role is to ensure our homes are built and finished to an exceptionally high standard”

“It’s vitally important to ensure that every one of our customers feels really happy with their new property. I expect our Ury Estate clients to see inside their new home and be absolutely delighted with the finished product. I fully understand and appreciate this is a huge milestone for them and it’s rewarding to see their excitement. I always want to feel that sense of pride handing over their new home - and that’s absolutely what I strive to achieve.”

How important is quality? Is this a fundamental part of your job?

“When I joined Kirkwood Homes 6 years ago, I felt it was a great opportunity for myself to be part of a company that puts quality at the heart of everything they do. Ury Estate is such a prestigious development, with exceptionally high levels of internal specification, so this was an exciting prospect and definitely influenced my decision.”

“We’re always striving to improve on quality throughout every aspect of our work on site. That mindset comes from the heart of the business, which is something we’re very proud of. No one is complacent here - we always want to bring an exceptional standard to what we do and be the best, rather than just doing things because they’ve always been done that way.

“I think this dedication to quality really shines through in the finished product. Our customers and people who come to visit our showhomes always comment on how premium the specification is and the high standard of our homes - it really is night and day compared to most other builders in the region.”

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How is quality achieved throughout the build process?

“The high quality of our homes is achieved through our superb staff and contractors - from our builders, joiners, plumbers, electricians, kitchen fitters and more. The importance of the Kirkwood brand is very much instilled in everyone who works with us, and they really take the standard to a whole new level.

“As well as the people who work for us, our processes and building methods also ensure that our homes are built with quality firmly in mind. We’re part of the NHBC, an organisation focused on raising standards in newbuild homes. For us, that means carrying out regular inspections, or sometimes calling out building control to keep that exceptionally high quality from start to finish. It’s a fundamental part of our process.”

What is it like working for Kirkwood Homes?

“Kirkwood isn’t a volume builder, so there’s not a huge, unapproachable corporate structure in place at HO - everyone really is on first-name terms. This is important when questions need answered or advice and support is needed, you know exactly who you need to phone - there’s no long chain of command.

“We always try to build up that level of trust and understanding between the trades that are involved, encouraging them to speak to each other, be open and offer feedback so one isn’t letting down the other. You build relationships with them, you get to know the names of their partners and their kids, which is all part of building a great team. If you facilitate that sort of atmosphere, then no one wants to leave!”

“Everyone in our team really buys into the vision of Kirkwood Homes; we see our roles as integral parts of the business, and we’re all very passionate about our areas of expertise.”

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What do you love most about your job?

“I really love seeing the finished product - and watching Ury Estate develop and mature as more people move in. It’s so satisfying handing over a great house to a couple or a family who are starting a new chapter of their lives, and seeing their happiness and excitement first-hand.

“We also have the full backing of management to suggest ideas and improvements, which doesn’t happen in most workplaces. We’re all part of a single team striving to design and build the best houses possible - so they trust us and believe in us to always push the boundaries and make continual improvements to enhance the Kirkwood product.”

What sets Kirkwood Homes apart from competitors?

“I would say we’re striving for goals higher than that of our competitors - and the quality of our homes is far superior. We never become complacent with the product we’re offering, because for us, it isn’t enough to just be building and selling houses - we’re always looking to improve, evolve and keep up with the present market and trends. I don’t think we can ever go far enough that the company would say ‘we’re there, let’s sit back and relax’.

“I’m very proud of my work and of the Kirkwood brand. I love to encourage my friends and family to visit our showhomes - the new ‘Lyon’ showhome at Ury Estate is absolutely stunning. It showcases yet another level of design, very considerate of modern living, especially with a study space for those who work from home.”

“What we produce is really special, which is part of the reason I came to work here. I had a decent job previously, but the offer to come and work for Kirkwood and be a part of this team was just too good to refuse.”

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Meet our Senior Site Manager, Iain Williams