FAQs about buying a new home during the Covid-19 pandemic
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FAQs about buying a new home during the Covid-19 pandemic

13th May, 2020

With the uncertainty and confusion caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have questions around buying a new home. Are you able to continue with your home buying plans? Can you get a mortgage? And what should you be doing right now?

We have caught up with our Sales Manager Shirley, Gail from Gail Reid Mortgage Services, and John, one of our recently reserved customers, to discuss some of the questions and concerns people have around buying and moving home right now.

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Q: Can I reserve a new home just now?

Shirley, Sales Manager at Kirkwood Homes, says: “Yes - you absolutely can, and I’m delighted to have secured reservations from five very excited customers in the past three weeks - at our Woodlands of Durris, Countesswells and Kingsford Rise developments.

“I am very busy with enquiries right now, and will happily offer all the relevant information on a plot/plots of interest and the relevant development. If the house is fully built, the personalisation choices will be shared, or if the house is under construction, I can chat through the list of choices and upgrades available to you.

“Your reservation can be done virtually - either online or over the phone. If you feel you are ready to reserve, or would like to discuss the potential of reserving a plot, we can discuss the process and complete the reservation form together or I can complete this on your behalf. I would then send you the BACs details to arrange your reservation payment. All you would need to do is provide us with your solicitor’s details. If you feel you are ready to discuss the potential of reserving a plot, please contact me by email at Shirley.craig@kirkwood-homes.com.”

John Williams has recently reserved a new home in Alford, and he says: “This was a recent decision for me, but I’m so glad I have now reserved. I am currently renting, but it was time for me to put my money towards a mortgage, and have my own property.

“It was a little uncertain with lenders at the start of lockdown, but more and more have been issuing new mortgage products. The whole process has been very easy, as my mortgage advisor and Shirley at Kirkwood have been fantastic and very helpful.”

Q: Can I move into a new home just now?

Shirley says: “It is possible to move into a new home right now, but there are many varying factors involved that will determine your move-in date - from the build stage of your desired plot, to the lenders and surveyors.

“We are all doing our very best to help our excited customers move in, and we have had customers moving into their new homes in the past month. My advice is to speak with us to discuss your circumstances in more detail - and we will help to speed this process up.”

Q: Can I get a mortgage right now?

Gail from Gail Reid Mortgage Services says: “There is a misconception just now that you can’t get a mortgage. Whilst some lenders did pause lending at the beginning of this pandemic, many have relaxed and there are many lenders actively lending. So yes, it is possible to get a mortgage right now.

“There has never been a better time to use a mortgage broker to guide you through your mortgage options. We can assist with information on the whole mortgage process, which lender and product is best in your circumstances, including information on the required deposit and how to use any deposit contribution Kirkwood Homes are offering to your best advantage - allowing you to enjoy some of the fantastic interest rates currently on offer.

“My advice would be to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and let us help you prepare for your move. And if you’re a first-time buyer, we could be helping you secure the First Home Fund award from the Scottish Government, where you could be eligible for £25,000 to help you get onto the ladder.”

Q: What deals are available from Kirkwood Homes?

Shirley says: “We have a range of incentives available to help people make that exciting step of securing their new home. We tailor incentives to each individual customer - working together to provide a bespoke package which will best suit their needs.

“Our incentives include flooring or furniture packages, LBTT or deposit contributions, turf, assured sale, and more.”

Q: Can I see inside a Kirkwood showhome?

Shirley says: “Due to the current Government restrictions, our showhomes are currently closed. However we have launched six virtual 360 tours of our showhomes, which you can explore from the comfort of your own home. You can navigate through each of the houses - and these range from 3 bedroom up to 5 bedroom homes. You can click here to take a look.

“We are monitoring the Government’s advice very closely, and as soon as we have the go-ahead we will be opening our showhomes again. We will communicate this via social media, our website, and via email.”

The Kirkwood Homes team is here to help you in your home buying journey, no matter what stage you’re at.

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FAQs about buying a new home during the Covid-19 pandemic