A Q&A with John Williams at Kingsford Rise
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A Q&A with John Williams at Kingsford Rise

20th Nov, 2020

Customer: John Williams

Housetype: Clola

Development: Kingsford Rise, Alford

In Spring this year, John decided it was the right time for him to purchase his first home after renting for some time. Originally from Durham, John was searching for a home in an area with a slower pace of life, but with easy access to amenities - which he found at our Kingsford Rise development in Alford.

We caught up with John to find out what he loves about the location of his Kirkwood home, his 3 bedroom Clola housetype - and how he’s been settling into our Kingsford Rise development.

Kirkwood no 66-0075

What options were you considering when beginning your search for a new home?

“Initially I was weighing up my options and mainly considering pre-owned, older homes, and my search was ranging all the way to Inverurie. I even considered just renting for another year or so. It was my mum who actually saw this Kirkwood house online, and although a new build wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, it really ticked all the boxes I was looking for.

“The location of the house was key - and that was an important selling point. I teach in a school, so being close enough to my work while also having a sense of privacy was a major consideration during the whole house hunting process.”

Why did you choose the Clola housetype?

“Besides the affordability, the space it offered was really appealing to me. Since I am not originally from Aberdeen I often have friends and family up to visit me, so being able to accommodate them in my home comfortably instead of just having them sleep on the sofa is great!”

Kirkwood no 66-0024

What do you love most about your home?

“I really like the kitchen, not only the space but also the modern appliances and finishes, like the worktops which are exceptional. The touch screen on the oven is a personal favourite amongst the features.

"At a first glance I imagined only 3 or 4 chairs would fit around the table in the dining space but as I have begun placing some more furniture, I can actually get 6 chairs in comfortably. Like I said, I love hosting and entertaining friends and family, so it’ll be perfect for that.

“I equally love the shape of the living room as it has a versatile layout, so when my new sofa arrives I am looking forward to having a play around with the space. Even if we were placed in another lockdown I know there would be room for a desk in there too, which I guess is good preparation nowadays.”

What attracted you to Alford?

“I’ve also always loved the idea of village life - perhaps after being raised in a more built up area, living somewhere like this had always been a dream of mine.

“Stepping out of my house, admiring the view and being able to point to exactly what hill I want to walk up next is wonderful to me. When I stayed in Dyce there was only one walking route which became very dull over lockdown. Moving here, I know there is a much more varied landscape that won’t ever get boring.”

What sort of things are nearby?

“Alford has a really lovely highstreet with lots of local businesses, and the butcher here is amazing - I’ve paid it a good few visits already. I have also completed an obligatory tour of the local takeaways which have all been really impressive. There are lots of dining options and I’m really looking forward to my first visit to the local pub soon. There is a good sized, well stocked Co-Op too but it isn’t far to the larger supermarkets in Inverurie or Westhill.”

What is it like living there?

“Although I haven’t been here long, I have already noticed how lovely the neighbours are, always saying hello and up for a chat. The area has a lot of life to it and kids are often out playing on their bikes. It just feels like a very pleasant place to live.

“The real sense of community is really refreshing to me. It is also a very aesthetically pleasing development and even though there is still work going on, it doesn't look like a building site.

“Although my 20 minute commute time hasn't changed since moving away from Dyce, the views are exceptional. I have seen a whole host of wildlife on my way to and from work, and even with the seasons changing it only gives you another beautiful take on the landscape, it definitely beats the A96!”

Kirkwood no 66-0037

How did you find buying a home with Kirkwood?

“I had anticipated buying a house was going to be a stressful process, especially during lockdown, but Shirley and Diane were amazing and sorted nearly everything for me including a really good mortgage advisor and solicitor, which was really handy.

“Although I did have some issues with the lockdown restrictions, Kirkwood were exceptional in regard to keeping me informed and supported. My mortgage was also a bit complicated with me being a new teacher just off my first probation year, and they were really helpful for keeping me right and making the process run smoothly.

“It really made me think if I had been buying a home with anyone other than Kirkwood I probably would have given up - they were great.”

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A Q&A with John Williams at Kingsford Rise