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Take a sneak peek into Callum’s brand-new Kirkwood home in Sauchen
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Take a sneak peek into Callum’s brand-new Kirkwood home in Sauchen
4th Apr 2023
Moved In 1st Jun 2022
4 Bedrooms

Having moved from a city centre flat in Aberdeen to their first 3-bedroom home in Drumoak, Callum and his husband Stevie realised they had outgrown their current property and decided it was time for a fresh start in a more spacious home.

The couple fell in love with the stunning 4-bedroom detached 'Lyon', located at our peaceful development in Sauchen - The Brambles. In June 2022, Callum and his husband made their move into their dream Kirkwood home with the extra addition of an adorable four-legged friend - Quill the Jack Russel.We caught up with Callum to find out how they are enjoying life in their brand-new home, what it's like living in the beautiful rural setting of Sauchen and how they found the buying process with Kirkwood Homes…

What options were you considering when searching for a new home?

Where we were in Drumoak was right at the top of where the old primary school used to be, it was quite hilly and very windy, so we felt a bit exposed to the elements living there. We had moved into a 3-bedroom home which was a suitable size for us at the time, even when we were thinking of having a family in the long term. However, now working from home has become the norm, we knew one of the spare bedrooms would be utilised as an office and after we worked out all the logistics of the rooms, we just felt like we needed something a little bigger.

“As we were coming from a home that was nearly a new build - having only one previous owner before us - we knew quite quickly we predominately wanted to look at new builds. We didn’t mind too much about the location, it was more the developers that we were focusing on and the range and quality of housetypes they had to offer. That decision kind of dictated where we looked.”

What made you choose ‘The Lyon’ housetype?

We didn't really know much about Kirkwood Homes at first, but once we looked into them it was 'The Lyon' housetype that really caught my eye - it really stood out to me.”

“We knew there were other 4-bed housetypes available at Kirkwood but it was ‘The Lyon’ that we fell in love with. The wrap-around landing upstairs was one of the features which really caught my attention, it's open and spacious and has room to create a wee nook where you can put your desk - perfect for admiring the beautiful views while working from home.

"With 4 double-sized bedrooms, we have plenty of space and versatility to convert one of these into a dedicated home office.

“The master bedroom has a generously sized walk-in-wardrobe and a beautiful en-suite which feels really luxurious - with an en-suite in the second bedroom as well. Overall, it's a really nice, neat-looking house that's perfect for what we were looking for."

We didn't really know much about Kirkwood Homes at first, but once we looked into them it was 'The Lyon' housetype that really caught my eye - it really stood out to me.”

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The Brambles

What is it like living in Sauchen?

“Really peaceful, really quiet - you barely hear anything so it feels very private! Our neighbours have been so lovely and it’s a great community, we usually see people out walking their dogs or children playing together. I’m also very fortunate that one of my best friends bought a house 2 rows away from us.

“The open space and peacefulness we get here is what allowed us to get a dog too. It wasn’t really suitable to have a dog when we lived in a flat, but now we can open up our back door and he can run about and come and go whenever he pleases. We often walk him all the way around Sauchen or to the castle that's not too far away. Sometimes we take him up to Dunecht Estate as well which is only a 5-minute drive.”

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What do you love most about your home?

“For me, it’s probably the kitchen/dining room. It's such a nice space and having grown up in my parent's house which also had an open-plan kitchen/dining room, I was used to having a home that had that spacious feel. For example, someone would often be cooking while others were sat at the table still being able to chat with one another, so it's great to be able to replicate that social, versatile space in our new home.

“Our previous home in Drumoak had 2 separate rooms for a kitchen and dining space and I didn't realise until moving into our Kirkwood newbuild that having the one open-plan space meant so much to me. Our dining table is situated right next to the French doors which are perfect, as it gives us amazing views out to our garden and patio area.”

Have you noticed any differences with moving into a new build from your previous home?

“Yeah I would say so, even though our old house was only 6 years old, I notice a massive difference between that one and our new home. This home retains the heat really well and is more energy efficient in comparison to our last house.

“This house came with an air source heat pump for the heating and hot water - we wondered about the running costs of this system, but it’s been really economical, so we’re really impressed”

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Did anything stand out to you during the buying process?

“The whole thing was very seamless and overall it was a really easy process. We used Kirkwood’s preferred solicitor, Aberdein Considine, as well as their suggested mortgage advisor, Gail Reid, just to ensure everything went smoothly. They all knew one another so it was very reassuring when using their recommendations - it made the process a lot easier. No hiccups and everything was straightforward.”

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A superior 4 bedroom detached home, with fantastic and spacious living space throughout. From the open-plan kitchen, dining and family room, and large, bright lounge, to the dedicated study area, outstanding master bedroom and two en-suites, this truly is the perfect family home.

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Take a look inside our customers' new homes
Take a sneak peek into Callum’s brand-new Kirkwood home in Sauchen