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The 5 most exciting things about buying your first home
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The 5 most exciting things about buying your first home

6th Dec, 2017

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting things you'll ever do it your life. Although there may be stressful moments, they'll be worth it as you'll finally be able to say you're a home owner!

Here are the top 5 perks of buying your first home:

Your castle, your rules

Shoes off at the door? OK. Peace and quiet before 10am on the weekends? Ideal. Eating chocolate for breakfast? Yes please.

Owning your own house means that you can set your own rules and not have to abide by the silly rules your parents set, or deal with annoying flatmates. What you say goes, and it’s one of the best things about owning your first home.

The first night

Eating a takeaway on your new living room floor surrounded by cardboard boxes and half built furniture doesn’t sound very glamorous, but it feels so good! This is the part of the journey you should savour and enjoy – it can be so much fun creating your very own space, arranging your furniture and adding the little touches that will make it feel like home. Pop a bottle of bubbly to make it feel even more special!

Putting your stamp on it

Being a homeowner offers you the freedom to create the space that you have always dreamed of. You can customise it to the extent your bank account will allow, and design a home that truly reflects you. New homes will also offer you the opportunity to choose and design your kitchen and bathrooms. Get creative!

Stability & security

It feels a lot safer than renting. Your home will not be sold out from under you forcing you to move, and you'll never have to deal with a landlord who wants to barge in for whatever reason. There is a psychological aspect of owning where you sleep, and there’s such a greater sense of home knowing it belongs to you, as opposed to living in a rented home or with parents.

The icing on the cake: PETS

Maybe your previous lease prevented you from owning a dog or cat, or your parents weren’t keen to add a new member to the family, but now that you own your home, you can finally have a pet! (Cue adorable pet selfies in your new abode).

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The 5 most exciting things about buying your first home