Introducing Caple - our new luxury supplier of home appliances
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Introducing Caple - our new luxury supplier of home appliances

5th Jul, 2022

At Kirkwood, we pride ourselves on building luxury homes to a standard that is truly unrivalled. In order to do this - and make our customers’ dream home a reality - we instil a superior level of quality at every stage in the process, from the carefully designed layout, the build quality and the features within.

With this commitment to quality firmly in mind, we are delighted to announce that we have recently partnered with Caple - a luxury brand of home appliances. Their high-end products are now being installed in a range of new quality homes by our longstanding supplier, Laings of Inverurie, forming a joint effort in extending this quality to our customers.

To mark the occasion, we have shared the responses from each of the 3 parties involved in this exciting new partnership…

Kirkwood Homes

“As a luxury builder, we are delighted to have secured the premium Caple brand in association with our suppliers, Laings of Inverurie. These superb appliances fully complement our outstanding range of German kitchens - and will be standard across specified developments, or available as upgrades. On the Caple brand, we were particularly impressed with the design features, extensive functions on offer, the sleek and modern aesthetics and, as importantly, their outstanding customer service history.”

- Shirley Craig, Sales Manager for Kirkwood Homes

Laings of Inverurie

“As a long-term supplier of Kirkwood Homes and multi award winning Kitchen design company, we at Laings know how important quality is in making Kirkwood’s homes the number one choice for buyers across the north east. We knew that forging a partnership between them and Caple would further enhance the already superior level of quality they strive to bring to life in their homes. The innovation which goes into Caple’s products are second to none - they really are the perfect match for Kirkwood.”

- Janice Murray - Head of Commercial and Design for Laings of Inverurie

Caple Appliances

“We’re thrilled to be able to work with Kirkwood Homes and Laings of Inverurie to supply domestic appliances from our Sense and Sense Premium range for their developments. As a family owned and UK based supplier, we have a comprehensive understanding of a homeowner’s requirements, so our wide range of appliances have been designed in a way that is simple to use yet packed with functionality and innovation. Each Caple appliance will bring something special to every beautifully designed Kirkwood kitchen.”

- Danny Lay - Managing Director of Caple Appliances

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Introducing Caple - our new luxury supplier of home appliances