Top 3 walking trails in Cove
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Top 3 walking trails in Cove

9th Feb, 2018

Being just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Aberdeen, you could be forgiven for thinking that Cove has just as much hustle and bustle that can be found in the city. However, the coastal town of Cove and its surrounding areas allow you to escape with peaceful walks, undisturbed nature and breathtaking views across the North Sea.

Stephanie recently moved to Cove, and the stunning walking trails were one of the main reasons she chose this location. She said: “My boyfriend and I have a Pug called Cooper, so we knew we wanted to live somewhere with good walking routes. We love walking along the coast, especially when the sun is setting - it’s absolutely beautiful.”

Here are a few of the best walks in Cove that you can enjoy when you live there. And be sure to take your phone camera with you – and get snapping for some surefire Instagram hits!

Cove Bay Conservation Area

This area covers Cove Bay to the east of the railway line, including the small, quaint harbour. Set on the scenic cliff tops, Cove Bay is one of the town’s most significant features, and within this conservation area, historic elements of the fishing village can still be seen – which are beautiful additions to your evening or weekend walk.

High above the harbour, on the top of the hill, you’ll find the West entrance to the conservation area over an old railway bridge, and this provides a picturesque opportunity with gorgeous views over the rooftops of this historic town.

Nature Trail

Just beyond Cove, near Stonehaven, you’ll find the spectacular cliffs at Fowlsheugh, which are packed with 130,000 breeding seabirds including guillemots, razorbills and kittiwakes, puffins and fulmars as well as grey seals, dolphins and minke whales in the North Sea waters below.

This is a perfect nature watching spot, as you can marvel at the bustling cliffs of this beautiful seabird city.

Dunnottar Woods

Moving further into Stonehaven, there’s the history trail at Dunnottar Woods. Dunnottar’s mix of greenery and winding paths make for enjoyable walks with your family. There are interesting and intriguing historic structures left by the family that once owned the woods, including Shell House and Lady Kennedy’s bath.

For a longer walk, try the circular route that links the woods, Stonehaven town centre and the spectacular Dunnottar Castle, perched on cliffs above the North Sea. The romantic and haunting ruin is visited by tourists from across the globe, so be sure to add it to your things to do on a Sunday since it’ll be so close to your new home.

And if you’re looking to recover from your walk – we would recommend Stonehaven’s popular Bay Fish & Chips for a bit of a refuel!

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Top 3 walking trails in Cove