5 benefits of moving into your new Kirkwood Home between spring and summer
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5 benefits of moving into your new Kirkwood Home between spring and summer

11th Mar, 2024

Moving to a brand new home and starting the next chapter in life is always a special time - no matter the season!

That being said, a move during the spring months means you can step into your new home as the weather becomes warmer and the evenings brighter, meaning you can really make the most of the season. Say goodbye to the cold and wintery days and embrace the season of fresh starts, where we feel happier and more energised - a great time to move into your lovely new home.

Here are 5 benefits of making your move at this time of year...

1. Better weather for moving

With winter’s biting winds and snow covered roads firmly behind us, the spring climate offers homebuyers an easier and more enjoyable time to complete the moving process. Springtime offers warmer days, brighter evenings and the roads clear of ice and snow, so moving your belongings becomes easier without having to battle the elements!

2. Enjoy a fresh start and settle in before summer

Symbolising exciting new beginnings, spring is the ideal time to start fresh in a new home. Despite being a busy time with multiple boxes to pack, removals to organise and furnishings and furniture to source, completing your move during the spring means you have the comfort of knowing you can really relax when summer is in full swing.

Imagine spending warmer days in your new garden, or exploring your surroundings when the kids are off school, so you can make new memories and enjoy the best of the weather. Making your move during this time means you can really make the most of your summer months, with the hard work firmly behind you!

3. Flourishing gardens

At Kirkwood, we offer enclosed rear gardens with each of our homes - and spring is the perfect time to start embracing this outside space. Whether you’re considering colourful flower beds, raised planters or a sociable decking area, moving during the spring means you can start landscaping your new garden - and appreciate its beauty in full bloom during the summertime.

4. Get to know your community

As the evenings get lighter and weather starts to improve, spring is a much easier time to become acquainted with your new neighbours, rather than in the colder winter months. You’ll find neighbours out for leisurely strolls, walking their dogs or spending time in their gardens, giving you plenty of opportunities to say hello and become more familiar with others living within your neighbourhood.

Moving during the spring also means you can expect a range of upcoming social events, including galas, fairs and community led events where you can fully integrate with your new neighbours.

5. A mood and productivity booster

The practice of spring cleaning is an age-old tradition which has become known for improving your mood, productivity and even your health.

The same can be said for a springtime move into your new Kirkwood home, as this offers the perfect chance for a fresh start. Before beginning to pack up boxes, this is the the ideal time for a much-needed clear out of the contents within your current home, so you make your move with only the items you need and want. Spring is very much a time for adopting an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ philosophy, so it’s no surprise this season is such a popular time for moving into a brand new home.

We have a range of Kirkwood homes either build complete and ready to move into, or nearing completion in the next few months, with a selection of incredible money-saving offers to help you secure your dream home for less this spring...

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5 benefits of moving into your new Kirkwood Home between spring and summer