Advice from 3 customers who bought new homes during the pandemic
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Advice from 3 customers who bought new homes during the pandemic

29th Jan, 2021

Moving to a new home has shot to the top of the 2021 wishlist for many - and there’s a variety of reasons why. With countless people still working from home, additional, functional internal space has become increasingly important, whilst for those who have limited or no outside space, a private garden to enjoy is an absolute must.

These are obvious factors borne out of the Covid restrictions, but the real need to be closer to family or have countryside or coastal walks on the doorstep are also reasons offered by those who are determined to make their move this year.

Many people have been able to accrue more savings due to an increase in their expendable income - with usual holiday plans placed firmly ‘on hold’ and outgoings relating to eating out, socialising or fitness all but disappeared. Coupled with this, the current interest rates for mortgages remain low, allowing for affordable repayments and making this the ideal time for people to take control of their lives and reserve their new dream home.

To give you more confidence in buying during the pandemic, we caught up with three Kirkwood customers who bought beautiful new homes in 2020 amid the lockdowns and various restrictions. They have shared their reasons for moving and shared some advice to help you along this exciting journey...

Colleen, Lloyd and Jamie-0028 (1)

Colleen: moved home in September

“We are so happy we moved last year during the pandemic, as it gave us something to focus on and look forward to during an unsettling time.

“Moving home when we did has been hugely beneficial for us, as we are now closer to family for support and childcare, and have been able to go on lovely walks to keep us busy during lockdown. Having extra space has also allowed us to use one of our bedrooms as a home office, which has helped with our work/life balance.

“Our advice for people thinking about buying a home right now is to go for it and not to let the pandemic put you off. Buying a house is an exciting time in anyone’s life, and we all need some positivity just now!
“Kirkwood were very helpful and accommodating throughout the process, and apart from the extra safety measures, it didn’t feel like we received any different service than we would have out with the pandemic.”


Dee Watters: moved home in September

“My husband and I moved into our new home in Durris in September 2020. We had originally been looking for a 3 bed home, but with the great incentives available with Kirkwood right now, we were able to reserve a beautiful 4 bed home and we couldn’t be happier.

“We’re so glad we moved when we did, as our new home has got space for an office and home gym - which has been fantastic with all the restrictions we’re still facing! We are in the countryside too, which has been so enjoyable during lockdown.

“My advice for budding home buyers? Don’t wait if you find your dream home, and be on the lookout for great deals.”

Kirkwood no 66-0072

John Williams: moved home in May

“I reserved my Kirkwood home in Spring last year, right in the middle of the national lockdown, and it was the best decision.

“I think this is a good time to buy if you’re able to. For me, personally, it gave me something to look forward to - which I think is so important when there is so much uncertainty surrounding future plans during the pandemic. It also helped to take my mind off work during lockdown, which was very welcome!

“The biggest benefit to moving during the pandemic is that I can now walk around Aberdeenshire. I lived in a city centre flat before, so walking during the day was pretty dull, but being in the countryside has opened up so many beautiful walks to keep me sane during the ongoing restrictions.

"If you’re considering moving just now, my advice would be to go for it. It is worth it to have something so exciting and positive to look forward to, or to keep you busy during future lockdowns. I am enjoying decorating and ordering furniture and accessories at weekends, turning this beautiful blank canvas into my home.”

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Advice from 3 customers who bought new homes during the pandemic