A Q&A with John Mullin at Woodlands of Durris
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A Q&A with John Mullin at Woodlands of Durris

30th Jan, 2020

Customer: John Mullin

Housetype: The Buchan

Development: Woodlands of Durris, Aberdeenshire

After discovering the beautiful location through friends who live in the area, John and his two sons made the move from Wellington Road in the heart of Aberdeen, to a more peaceful life in the country.

We caught up with John to find out what he loves about the development and how he’s been enjoying his new family home since moving in June.

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What attracted you to Durris?

“Initially it was a close friend that made me aware of the new homes being built here, as she already has a property in the Durris area.

“I think a lot of people look at you blankly when you say you live in Durris - because it’s just a little area off the South Deeside Road somewhere. But the countryside is so beautiful here. It's so rural but it’s mid-way between Aberdeen and Banchory, so you really have the best of both worlds.

“15 minutes, and you’re back into Aberdeen. It’s rural, without losing all the facilities of town.”

What do you love about the Woodlands of Durris development?

“The unique location - with the outlook and the setting - that’s what I love the most.

“It is such a small site and unlike most new-build houses, there is no one either behind or in front of you. The house looks on to an open, village green type area, and behind it is just hills. And I’ve also got a decent sized garden.

“I thought it’s not often that new build houses like this come up, so I decided to go for it.”

What is it like living here?

“It’s really good for dog walking, and my kids are into their mountain biking so from that point of view it’s great. You end up wearing your wellies more than you wear shoes!

“I really love it because you have so much on your doorstep. You can open your door and go walk in any direction.”

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What do you love most about your home?

“I think the quality of the finish. Also the fact that this is a lot more cosy than the older house that I came from, heating costs are much lower, and everything’s new - everything just works.”

What’s the community like?

“It has a good community feeling about it. Everyone’s so friendly - you can just wander out and stop and chat to everyone, see how they’re getting on.

“The development is at the back of the village primary school. It’s perfect for families with younger kids.

“My kids are a bit older now but if I had younger kids it would have been absolutely fantastic having the big, safe grassy area in the middle for them to play.”

Are there shops and amenities nearby?

“Tesco in Banchory is probably 10 minutes away in the car, and then you’re just 15 minutes from Bridge of Dee where you’ve got Asda, Sainsbury’s, B&Q. There’s a nice artisan coffee shop in Drumoak as well.

“I work in Westhill, and it takes me about 15 minutes to get there. I just drive back in towards town and go via the bypass, so it’s no time at all.”

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Tell us about the process of buying your new home...

“I visited the Kirkwood website and saw the house. I went to the site to meet Michelle Kidd, the site representative. Any time I wanted to know about the house or had a question, she sent me through every single nut and bolt about the house and about the area as well, which was great.

“It was Michelle that sold the house to me and she couldn’t have done more. The site manager, Neil, again couldn’t do more for me. If there were any issues he was there and would have one of his guys come straight round to have a look. The customer care has been really really good.”

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A Q&A with John Mullin at Woodlands of Durris