3 reasons why our customers love living at Charleston Grange in Cove
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3 reasons why our customers love living at Charleston Grange in Cove

26th May, 2020

Set in the beautiful Aberdeen suburb of Cove, our Charleston Grange development really is a fantastic place to call home. With a thriving high street and friendly community, stunning coastal views and only 10 minutes away from the city centre, it’s a great location for modern family life.

But, don’t just take our word for it. We’ve caught up with three of our Charleston Grange residents to find out what they love most about living in Cove…

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1. The high street and local amenities

“The butcher, Sainsburys and the other shops that are here are so handy. We use the butcher Meet the Meat quite regularly, and I also go to Pure Gym which is just down the road and Ikea is right next to us as well which is great.” - Crystal Green

“Even though we’re so close to town, it’s super handy having a few shops in Charleston as well. There’s the butchers and coffee shop which are both really useful to have right on your doorstep. It’s a really nice main street that’s quiet and peaceful but doesn’t leave you feeling isolated.” - Olivia Lawrie

“We moved to Cove because we needed somewhere that is easy to commute to and from, has lots to do, gives us access to good shops, restaurants, cafés, gym etc, and has a sense of community - it ticked all of these boxes.” - Steph Fulton

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2. The perfect location that’s the best of both worlds

“We go on walks with the dog along an old farm track at the end of the road which is nice and quiet, and there’s a woodland trail not too far from the development as well. Living here definitely gives you the best of both worlds, with walking trails nearby but being so close to the city as well.” - Olivia Lawrie

“We’ve discovered lots of beautiful walks recently. We love coming home from work and taking our dog along the Coastal Path or around the Woodland Walk. Living in Cove, you also have easy access to the AWPR and the city centre, which are both just minutes away. It’s the perfect location if you want to be close to the city but experience the peace and quiet of the suburbs.” - Steph Fulton

“There’s a bus route that we’ve used numerous times to go into town, and Charleston school is just down the road where my little boy will eventually go to. So we’re close to town but it’s a really quiet street as well which is great. I’m at home with my son two days a week and there are lots of people walking past with their dog or their kids. And there’s no noise at all because there’s hardly any through traffic.” - Crystal Green

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3. The friendly community

“We love it here! Our neighbours are really friendly - we know who each other are but it doesn’t feel like we’re in each other’s pockets. We gave each other Christmas cards and both neighbours on either side of us have had babies recently, so we speak to them quite a bit. I also like that there’s a park at the bottom of our road as well, as it’s really nice having that space for kids to play in.” - Crystal Green

“We know quite a few people in the area - there are people who I went to school with in Stonehaven which is close by, people I’ve worked with and friends of ours in the development itself. There are lots of young couples and families in the area which makes it a really nice, friendly community.” - Olivia Lawrie

“One of the most important things for us when we were looking at where to live was somewhere that has a lovely sense of community. With all the local amenities in Cove, it really feels like it has its own community, and we’ve been able to find out how nice it is to have neighbours that are also friends.” - Steph Fulton

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3 reasons why our customers love living at Charleston Grange in Cove